Black Bear Barns, LLC strives to bring you a great line of outdoor products. We carry portable storage sheds, portable garages, portable cabins, pool cabins, lake side cabins, metal sheds, pergolas, pavilions, wood gazebos, vinyl gazebos, and vinyl playsets. We are located in and serve Missouri with Rent-to-Own Sheds and Rent-to-Own Cabins (also serving Eastern Kansas). We also offer other financing options. Contact Us and we will be happy to get you the backyard structure of your dreams!

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We at Black Bear Barns, LLC are committed to quality. From the Ground-contact rated treated skids to the 30 year Owens- Corning Shingles, we use only the highest quality materials and install them per manufacturer’s specs. Take a look at the cutaway view of a wooden shed to the right and you will see that we space our 2x4’s on 16” centers in most cases. The only exception is larger shed floors where we space the joist every 12”.

Our garages come with treated floors standard, an option in our other building styles.

Our metal sheds also show the same commitment to quality. The floors are identical to their wooden counterparts. The studs are 2x4’s placed on 24” centers with purlins also spaced on 24” centers. The metal is either 29 or 26 gauge and carries a 40-year paint warranty.

All our buildings come with a 5 year workmanship guarantee. They also carry all manufacturer’s Warranties.

Floor Widths  8’&10’– Exact Widths All Styles 12’– Quakers, Exact Widths; All others, 11’6” 14’– Workshop, 13’; Barn, 13’6” 16’– 15’ On All Styles